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Tonight, I played the clarinet (Daisy)

Posted in clarinet, Outfits with tags , , , , on October 7, 2010 by Daisy

So, I kinda haven’t posted in, oh, 3 days. That is because I have been simply rolling out of bed and blindly putting clothes on. I have also been busy. Busy doing what, you might ask? Well, preparing for a recital! A studio recital, where all the clarinetist at my school (well, half, the rest go tomorrow) play a lovely piece of music. And I am very pleased with how I did. The only bad comment my professor had was that I did not bow warmly enough. I guess that means I did well.

Here is what I wore:

Apple Dress: H&M, but purchases at the awesome boy scout yard sale held every year at the Dulles Expo Center

Necklace: Unique Thrift

Mouse Shoes: DSW (my W key is not broken, unlike Rose’s)

I didn’t finish the blue shirt that I was going to wear with my plaid skirt. But I like the apple dress better.