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Fall is Here, Day 2 (Rose)

Posted in Music, Outfits, Sewing with tags , , , on September 28, 2010 by stylisticalanomalies

Mmm…fall. Time for tights. And boots. And…ludicrous puffy white skirts with things sewn onto them?

Please excuse the particularly goofy face and the quite-visible bed. I was taking these in a hurry before class.

Lacy tank: Converse for Target

Skirt: Sewed it my ownself, from some rags of cheesecloth-y material. My friend Grace added some random buttons and cloth flowers for effect.

Tights: TJ Maxx (Gift from mother)

Combat Boots: Doc Martens

This song seems very fall to me. And by that I mean autumn, the time of year where it starts to seem like a really good idea to set things on fire and dress in dingy colors and smash guitars.


High of 96! (Daisy)

Posted in Music, Outfits with tags , , , , on September 23, 2010 by Daisy

Today there is supposed to be a high of 96! Perfect weather for a tank top. Also, today is a skirt day because I clumsily spilled boiling water on my lap. No need to worry, I am highly knowledgeable in immediate burn treatment, so I am ok. But pants are a no-no today.

The back of this shirt is super cool, if I do say so myself.

Shirt: My own design 🙂

Skirt: Goodwill

Fake Pearl Necklace: Gift from my mother which was a gift from her aunt.

Also! I have a new favorite band. Do take a listen!