DIY Knits (Rose)

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I woke up this morning, realized it was going to be chilly today, and rejoiced. why? Because all summer I’ve been waiting for the chance to wear knits, tights, layers. Basically everything I have going on today. And I will not sweat! Because it is cold! Haha! I made the dress and scarf myself, which makes me particularly proud.

Please excuse the dramatic facial expression. I was in kind of a hurry and couldn’t get a non-silly shot. Don’t I look cozy, though?

Sweater dress: made by me, back in July, out of 2 sweaters from the Salvation Army. The lady at the counter said, “Isn’t it a bit warm for that?” and I said “yes, but it won’t always be.”

2-Tone Scarf (worn as obi-belt): Knit by me.

Tights: Gift from Mother

Boots: L.L. Bean

EDIT: It has come to my attention that all of my facial expressions are as silly as the one in this picture. Disregard apology; apparently, this cannot be prevented.


My kitchen smells so good right now. Be jealous. (Daisy)

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I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a while now. It just looks so good! The tomatoes! Oh, the tomatoes! So I wrote my grocery list this week centered around this recipe, which admittedly doesn’t have that many ingredients. I figured I could just buy some french bread from the Kroger bakery section, but all the loaves said something along the lines of this:


Well, fine then, Kroger! I don’t need your white trash bread! I’ll make my own!!

So I did.

The recipe was called Outrageously Easy BIG Bread, which was slightly misleading, because I had more trouble getting this stuff to rise. And I had to add more flour, even though the recipe was very clear in stating that if you did not make it exactly by the book it wouldn’t be work. Clearly that’s why it’s a bit flat. But that’s okay, because it’s going to be pizza and pizza is supposed to be flat. Also, it turned out to be really really tasty bread, so I can totally see myself using this recipe again. I also really love this recipe.

Here are the ingredients, all laid out…

No nutritional yeast. I actually have no idea what that is and couldn’t find it. The blog said it was their own addition, as they had gotten the recipe from a book.

And all mixed up….

And all cooked!

The recipe didn’t say at what temperature or how long to cook, so I just kept my oven at 375 from the bread. It took about 20 minutes to get crispy and yummy.

Anyways, that’s how I spent my day. *noshes on pizza*

Excessive Use of Plaid

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I’m kind of loving mixing plaids right now. I’m pretty sure this is a mortal sin in fashion-land. Ah, well.

Car Salesman Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: H&M, altered and repaired by me

Corset-vest-thing: Me

Corduroys: Some Old Lady Store

Sneakers: Converse

Experimental Friday (Daisy)

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Why yes, I am wearing awesome socks.

I bought new legging yesterday, at the wonderful TJ Maxx. And since it was cold today, I figured, let’s try them out!

As I’m sure you can see, the skirt’s a bit too short and so are the socks. So, yes, you can see the grey leggings….but hey, that’s why I chose the brown and grey striped socks! I figure, no one will really notice when I am moving around. And when I’m sitting, you can’t tell. This weekend I’m going to be going on a skirt making marathon, so the next time I do this there will be no legging showing.

Shirt: ?

Skirt: Goodwill

Leggings: TJ Maxx

Socks: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Greyness

Shoes: Kmart

I thought today was a sweater day (Daisy)

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I was freezing when I woke up, so I put on a sweater. And a coat. But then I opened the front door and it was warm, so I had to abandon the coat.

I really wanted to wear my silver chain with this outfit. But I can’t find it anywhere! The last time I remember seeing it was on September 21st. I had rejected it for my outfit. I think it’s time to scour the floor.

Shirt: TJ Maxx

Sweater: My ownself

Pants: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Greyness

Not My Best Work (Rose)

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So I bought this dress. And I think it has potential, but instead of altering it I was just like “It’ll be fine with a belt!” and threw it on and ran out the door and got rained on and came home and now I can apparently only pose as though stoned:

Dress: Target Clearance Rack (such weird stuff!)

Belt: Came off a dress, won’t stay belted, should probably get rid of

Boots: L.L. Bean

I was wearing tights, and they were quite snazzy, but since I took them off when I got to my first class because it was too darn hot, I’m not showing them. They don’t count. Tomorrow: an outfit that doesn’t make me look like a sleepy peasant woman.

May all who witness me have their day brightened! (Daisy)

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Today I woke up and was sad. It was rainy and icky outside. And my roommate was sad about the dishes in the sink which made me more sad. And then, I put on THIS COAT!

How can anyone be sad in a PURPLE COAT?

Underneath the purple coat of happiness I wore this:

And these boots, which were a gift from Rose because… I bought mouse shoes (more on those later). She was so happy with my purchase she gave me a present. I like the way her brain works.

Raincoat: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Grayness

Shirt: Kohls, gift from mother

Pants: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Grayness

Boots: Rose

Necklace: Liquidation Warehouse