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The Butcher’s Daughter (Rose)

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I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but my tights are labeled with the bones and cuts of meat found on the human leg. I made them with the help of a Sharpie marker and a tolerant friend, who unfortunately got the terms written on her skin through the tights as well.

And my necklace is an anatomical human heart in glass. Yes.

Dress: Banana Republic

Tights: Target, modified by me

Shoes: DSDoubleyou

Necklace: River City Bead Company


DIY Knits (Rose)

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I woke up this morning, realized it was going to be chilly today, and rejoiced. why? Because all summer I’ve been waiting for the chance to wear knits, tights, layers. Basically everything I have going on today. And I will not sweat! Because it is cold! Haha! I made the dress and scarf myself, which makes me particularly proud.

Please excuse the dramatic facial expression. I was in kind of a hurry and couldn’t get a non-silly shot. Don’t I look cozy, though?

Sweater dress: made by me, back in July, out of 2 sweaters from the Salvation Army. The lady at the counter said, “Isn’t it a bit warm for that?” and I said “yes, but it won’t always be.”

2-Tone Scarf (worn as obi-belt): Knit by me.

Tights: Gift from Mother

Boots: L.L. Bean

EDIT: It has come to my attention that all of my facial expressions are as silly as the one in this picture. Disregard apology; apparently, this cannot be prevented.

Excessive Use of Plaid

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I’m kind of loving mixing plaids right now. I’m pretty sure this is a mortal sin in fashion-land. Ah, well.

Car Salesman Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: H&M, altered and repaired by me

Corset-vest-thing: Me

Corduroys: Some Old Lady Store

Sneakers: Converse

Fall is Here, Day 2 (Rose)

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Mmm…fall. Time for tights. And boots. And…ludicrous puffy white skirts with things sewn onto them?

Please excuse the particularly goofy face and the quite-visible bed. I was taking these in a hurry before class.

Lacy tank: Converse for Target

Skirt: Sewed it my ownself, from some rags of cheesecloth-y material. My friend Grace added some random buttons and cloth flowers for effect.

Tights: TJ Maxx (Gift from mother)

Combat Boots: Doc Martens

This song seems very fall to me. And by that I mean autumn, the time of year where it starts to seem like a really good idea to set things on fire and dress in dingy colors and smash guitars.

Some Call Me The Log Lady (Rose)

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Ever seen Twin Peaks? It’s a TV show by David Lynch about a small logging town in the Pacific Northwest. One of the characters on Twin Peaks is the Log Lady, a prophetic character who carries, at all times, a log:

Being the stylish young woman I am, I immediately saw the potential here. Unfortunately it’s a bit hot for a shawl-collar sweater, and the big city is not exactly lousy with logs. So I opted for a lumberjack theme and a log purse.

Yes, you heard me right. A log purse. A gift from a former employer who found it while cleaning out her purse collection. I kid you not.

Plaid Shirt: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Grayness (I’ll tell you all about it sometime)

Pencil Skirt: Forever21, by way of a thrift store

Shoes: L.L. Bean

Log Purse: Dubious gift


Autumn yet? (ROSE)

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I slept with the window open and woke up utterly convinced that the rest of the world must still be as cold as my bedroom. I dressed accordingly. That thing in my hand? that’s a woolly hat. Yes, in September in Richmond. It made sense until I closed the window.

Used Car Salesman Jacket–Goodwill

Dress–Banana Republic

Socks–Powell’s Bookstore

Boots–L.L. Bean

Hat–My mad knitting skillz

Poison Ring–Bad Girlz Collective

By the way, the head of Blackbeard that’s leering down at me is not some kind of freakish accident. He belongs in the room, and will probably be in most of my outfit shots. Hope you like him, because he’s here to stay.

EDIT: It was too hot to wear most of this outfit outside, but the jacket and wool hat came in super-handy once I got to my afternoon class, which was freezing cold. Score!