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May all who witness me have their day brightened! (Daisy)

Posted in Outfits with tags , , , , , , , on September 29, 2010 by Daisy

Today I woke up and was sad. It was rainy and icky outside. And my roommate was sad about the dishes in the sink which made me more sad. And then, I put on THIS COAT!

How can anyone be sad in a PURPLE COAT?

Underneath the purple coat of happiness I wore this:

And these boots, which were a gift from Rose because… I bought mouse shoes (more on those later). She was so happy with my purchase she gave me a present. I like the way her brain works.

Raincoat: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Grayness

Shirt: Kohls, gift from mother

Pants: Scary JCPenney Warehouse of Grayness

Boots: Rose

Necklace: Liquidation Warehouse


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I went to the wedding of my mom’s 70 year-old cousin yesterday. I haven’t been to wedding since I was a kid. And never to a wedding of an elderly couple. It was delightful.

This outfit is exciting because not only is it very 50s with the full skirt and pearls, but I made the whole thing myself.

Then, after the wedding, my mother and I went fabric and junk shopping. I want everyone to admire this giant pile of fabric that is going to be made into fall clothes, and the box of old patterns that my mom’s friend bought at a thrift store.

I also have a new necklace from this awesome store.

Anyways, for all of this shopping, I wore this:

Theeeeenn I went to a party at Rose’s place , in which a giant blanket fort was constructed in Rose’s living room, and we all sat on the floor and ate macaroni and cheese (them)  and vegan tomato soup (me and them), while watching an epic movie about a dwarf named Willow trying to protect a cute redheaded baby from something or another. I wore these pants: